Child Safety

Safety for our children is the highest priority. 
The door to the Sportcare Academy is always locked to prevent the case if a stranger comes to our facility!
Only parents and staff can enter childcare. 
We consider physical security seriously so that only those who belong in the childcare have access to the children. 
Our facility ais child-proof and age appropriate, hence everything is new and in excellent condition. 
Corners are protected with corner protectors, teahcers are always with children for safe control. 
Our staff is certified for health purporses. 
Our HVAC system has UV sanitization in the ducts to kill germs without allowing them to recycle in the classroom.  This helps to make outbreaks of sickness less frequent and less severe. 
We frequently wipe down our toys and play surfaces with sanitizing solution to minimize the spread of germs. 
Our teacher-child ratios are always compliant with state standards, and staff is second to none in providing a safe environment conducive to learning.